Everything goes better with a good mood, so we have prepared for you our “smile tune”.

Tune your smile and positive energy will become a part of your life.

Do you know that …

… when you are under unnecessary stress, you do weaken your own defenses?
For example, it is more than enough to not sleep well and it is already possible
to measure the decrease in the performance of immune cells.

… the intestine communicate with the brain?

The intenstine produces “hormones of happiness and joy”, neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine
protecting against depression and important for emotions and motivation?

Tune our smile and fill out the questionnaire

Let’s take a look
what MakeMySmile contains…


An imbalance in the composition of the microflora can lead to changes in behavior and mood. Therefore, the product contains “good” probiotic bacteria. Min. 10 exp.6 CFU means that there is at least 1,000,000 viable bacteria in each pill. Because bacteria are not visible to the naked eye, we filmed them for you, see the link. The feedstock contains 10exp.9 CFU, but gradually decreases during pills compression and over time.


Under stress, there is an increased permeability of the intestines and the penetration of toxins. Colostrum (the first milk given by the mother to the baby) also act as renewal the intestinal barrier, and also protects bacteria when passing through the stomach, where the high content of HCl (hydrochloric acid) that serves as an entry disinfection station.


The preparation contains a high dose of vit. B12 because it helps reduce non-specific fatigue, malaise and depression.


That is acerola together with natural dyes (curcumin and beets) will encourage us and protect us from free radicals during stress.


Medicinal preparation contains sugar (sucrose), which not only supplies a little energy, but it is medically better than artificial sweeteners or glucose-fructose syrup.

Tune your smile and positive energy will become a part of your life

A combination of flavors is also fun, because the pill is bilayer. Dark purple pills contain more beet coloring.

Video of living good bacteria of human origin from our “smiley tuner”…