Rapid training of mucosal immunity.

Contains inactivated pathogenic microorganisms acting at the site of infection.


The form of local administration in pills, which dissolve freely in the mouth, allows absorption in high concentrations directly into the target sites of the entry control of the immune system, the so-called Waldeyer lymphatic circuit.

Manufacturing process

The production process of filling pathogenic microbial lyophilized lysates takes place in a laboratory of purity class C.

Inactivation (non-viability) of pathogenic microbial lysates is confirmed in each strain and each batch.


IMUNOCOMPLEX ACUT is tested on cells of the immune system from human peripheral blood, where we detected activation markers of CD69 after 24 hours and CD23 after 48 hours on T and B lymphocytes. Compared with the control, there was a 20-times increase in T cells and a 30-times increase in activation markers in B cells with early 24-hour detection.

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Preventive program for reducing respiratory
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