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All of us are concerned. The new COVID-19 illness pandemic is becoming a reality in the Czech Republic as well. Recommended measures should slow down the onset, thus preventing the collapse of the medical system and gain some time for developing a readily-available vaccination or therapy. The majority of the population will be infected based on qualified estimations. Most of the population will not have a serious illness or will be symptomless which is an advantage for the individual, however, it creates conditions for spreading of infection which is worsened by the long survival of the virus on surfaces (3 hours in the air, 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard, up to 3 days on surfaces like plastics and stainless steel, up to 9 days on the surface of glass and metals).

Current situation see

There is an assumption that the virus will change and return repeatedly. It is not possible to predict how long significant impacts will last though. Our estimation is there will be a decrease in the spread in summer under the influence of UV rays and a possible return in the autumn.

To prevent the transfer of the illness is complicated in real life in the long-term.

The condition of the immune system will decide who will have a mild or a serious course of the COVID-19 illness.

Everybody can help their immune cells in fighting the illness, not decreasing their own immunity by stress, but to sleep well and have enough muscles from which the body can take necessary nutrition during the illness when the body cannot intake nutrition.

Our motto „Future is in our health” is an obligation to give you the best solution.





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Soon we will release on the market.


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Soon we will release on the market.

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Contactless disinfection dispenser

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